Haomei Group is a business consulting firm that focuses on business purchasing on behalf of oversea clients.

Clients who want to move into USA and purchase a business in USA face a lot of challenges: culture difference, language barrier, different legal system, and the different way people conduct business, and different management/work style, labor laws, discrimination laws, etc.

We are here help to bridge the gaps on business purchasing, and help our clients successfully transform into a business owner in USA. Purchasing a business and immigrating into USA is the very first step.

Independent and Protect Buyer



Buying your own business can be one of the most difficult aspects of business ownership, especially for clients from overseas. With so many businesses on the market, it can be overwhelming just figuring out where to begin, which business is qualified for immigration, any potential pitfalls, etc. Fortunately, we are here to help guide you through the buying process. 

The buying/selling of a business should never be compared to a home sale. Unlike buying/selling a home, a business sale should always involve a high level of confidentiality and involves more complexity. 

Majority business sales involve business brokers who represent the seller, with their experience and knowledge to protect the seller. Then, who is truly protecting the buyer? Our practice is to stand alongside with our buyer, and use our knowledge and experience to protect buyer. We are independent and our buyer client’s interest is our only interest.

With Haomei Group, you can enjoy the greatest selection of businesses for sale nationwide and truly know who is standing behind your back.