Business Purchasing

Help our clients to purchase a good business is our main important service. It is complicated process and we pay attention to every detail, and guide the client to move every step towards the success.

The most critical first step is to select a few good targets as potential candidates, and narrow down to the best choice. Keep in mind, NO BUSINESS IS PERFECT. Through the talk, we understand our client’s top priority and help them to make the best decision. Each buyer’s situation is different, so as the business. It is important to analyze thoroughly out clients’ needs and their priority.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the vital part in a business purchasing. We work with experienced lawyers and CPAs to complete a deep and thorough due diligence, to prevent potential problems and present our clients a true and clear picture about the target business.

Along with lawyers, we help clients to read all the contracts and agreements, conduct necessary work to guard our client’s interest, and maintain effective communication.

After-sale Consulting

Successful purchasing of a business is usually the very first step for most of our oversea clients. After purchasing, keeping the business operating smoothly is also important. We provide the after-sale consulting service as well, to make sure our clients continue enjoy the success.

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